Outdor Meeting
  • Went over financials.
    • Approved a 20% increase. Dues going up in January from 700 to 850$
    • Everyone but one person (proxy) voted no.
  • Discussed Enforcement Policies about parking, animals, encroachment on other people’s property and misc items.
  • We now have 5 Board Members and 2 Members at Large.
  • Discussed CTC/Internet and the cost.
    • We discussed alternative like CenturyLink or Sparklight but cost is not permanent and CTC has not increased dues since take over of Wes Tel.
  • Discussed Pool rules, busy and non-busy hours for older crowd.
  • Landscaping went up by 12k. We had multiple bids and Aloha still came below others.
  • Pool maintenance, changed contractors, we went with a company to do both, pool cleaning and bathrooms. We upped it from 3 service days to 5 per week and lower cost than before.
  • ACC (Architecture committee) still need volunteers.
  • Enforcement of parked cars, trailers, or any vehicles blocking side walks or other people’s drive way will be reported.
  • More to come.

Board Members Only Meeting held on next Wed. at Wingers.

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