Please take a moment and read this important message, from our President, Keri.

Spring is peaking around the corner and it’s nice to see more kids outside playing and neighbors walking. The Board too has been hibernating but we’ve got a couple of things coming up that you should know about!

We haven’t had much happen since the $100 one-time rate increase last summer. THANK YOU to everyone who paid that already (most have)! We would not have had enough revenue to cover expenses in 2019 had that not been approved. Budgeting exercises again showed that we need a permanent rate increase, that shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone at this point. Rather than the board take action and increase the HOA dues, we chose to postpone it until our Annual Spring Meeting where it can be discussed among the members. The meeting is on April 16 at Heritage Middle School (7:00 pm)! PLEASE ATTEND, we need a majority of the members in attendance or we have to hold subsequent meetings and it costs a lot of money each time due to notice requirements and building rental! If you can’t attend, please submit your proxy or give it to a neighbor who is going! We will talk about HOA dues and elect new board members among other things. We do not have any major vendor contracts up for review this year. However if you have a recommendation for a vendor, please provide that information to Park Pointe Management. Recommendations and suggestions are always welcome!

We had two board members resign this last year and are down to a three from five. The three remaining members, myself included, have young families and work full-time. Thank you for having patience with us but we would like to encourage some new board members to run! I will not be seeking another term so we will need at least three new board members! We will also be asking to form a new committee to review the CC&Rs and make change recommendations to the Board. This is a task that we’ve talked about for years but haven’t gotten done, we need help!

Finally, the next regular board meeting is scheduled for April 7 at 7pm at the Crossfield Pool. The meeting will be short, as it’s just before the annual meeting. We will also be holding hearings for any long-standing CC&R violations. We would love to help resolve issues prior to a hearing, please contact Park Pointe to do so!

Please check back frequently because as we are posting this, breaking news of our first case of COVID-19 in Idaho.

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