Irrigation Canal

The Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District (NMID) will begin filling its canals on April 3, 2024, with water deliveries expected to start no earlier than April 17, 2024. The irrigation season’s commencement follows significant preparation, including completed projects to enhance the efficiency of the water delivery system. Residents should prepare their systems to receive water from April 3, and they are reminded of the safety risks associated with canals, as the waters are very cold and currents strong. It’s also important for residents to keep irrigation rights of way clear of obstructions.

Changes in NMID:

The document from the Nampa & Meridian Irrigation District primarily outlines the comprehensive procedures and guidelines for land use changes and site development, particularly focusing on the effects on irrigation and drainage systems. Notable updates for homeowners involve the requirement for a pre-application meeting with the Water Superintendent to ensure that developments align with NMID’s facilities or drainage needs. It is imperative that homeowners understand the necessity of filing a Land Use Change Application, complete with detailed plans, drainage calculations, and a fee. This process not only ensures compliance but also aids in safeguarding the operational integrity of NMID’s infrastructure.

Additionally, the document highlights the standards and specifications for implementing pressurized irrigation systems within new developments. Homeowners should be aware that these systems, once installed, will be owned and maintained by NMID. This change emphasizes the shift towards more sustainable and efficiently managed water resources. The document stresses the importance of adhering to specific construction timelines and protocols, which are crucial for maintaining the water flow in NMID’s facilities. Compliance with these guidelines ensures that new developments do not disrupt the existing water management systems and align with broader environmental management practices.


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