2019 - Meridian #1 In Nation At Growth.
2022 - Top in the nation at unaffordable housing per income/capita.

We are actively updating and adding to the site.  Please check back in the next few days for contact information and HOA Meeting/Minutes.

Starting 1/1/2024 – New Property Management Company:

The company that manages our HOA.

Watkins Carter LLC

Their Site: https://www.watkinscarter.com

Call Them: (208) 297-3233

You should have received your information/letter via postal mail.

Contact Details

POB 1246, Meridian, ID 83680

Code Enforcement

Welcome to the HOA website! Reporting code violations is vital to maintaining our community’s quality and appearance. As volunteers, we rely on everyone’s help to keep our subdivision clean and free from unsightly activities. By reporting anything inappropriate, we can swiftly address issues and preserve our neighborhood’s charm. Your vigilance and cooperation contribute to a safe, beautiful, and welcoming place we all call home. Let’s work together to create a thriving community we can be proud of!

File a violation report for any of the following in our HOA.

– Weeds
– Junk Properties
– Parked RVs/Motor-homes Over 72 Hrs.
– Nuisance Material Dumped/Leaked Ground
– Sidewalk Obstructions

As a community that values the enjoyment of our pool area, it is essential that all pool users adhere to responsible conduct and take ownership of maintaining a clean and pleasant environment. Lately, we have observed instances of negligence, such as leaving dirty diapers, food scraps attracting ants, and overall disregard for the cleanliness of the pool area. We urge everyone to clean up after themselves and dispose of trash properly to avoid these unsightly and unsanitary conditions. Let us all be mindful of the impact of our actions on the community and show respect for one another by leaving the pool area in the same condition as we found it. To ensure compliance, we will be actively monitoring the pool area using CCTV cameras, and those found violating these guidelines may face temporary suspension of their access cards. Remember, it is only through collective efforts that we can maintain a pristine and inviting pool for everyone to enjoy. So, let’s all pitch in and clean after ourselves to ensure the best experience for all pool users.


NextDoor App and Site Info, Get it!

Everyone should be a member of the NextDoor application or site. Multiple sub-divisions are members of and thousands of members.  If you don’t have an account you should get one.

  • Events
  • Crime & Alerts
  • Garage Sales and much more!

Much of the news will hit here and or Neighbors by RING.  At times Law Enforcement will post or scan alerts posted by neighbors to assist home-owners as well.

Things like lost pets, theft items, attempted break-ins, vandalism and much more.


Neighbors by RING

Another great application to have regardless if you have the RING doorbell or not.


This is a great way to identify or report crime or unknown people roaming around your property.

This can be downloaded on your IOS or Android for free and check your own area!

Welcome to our community-hosted website! We are excited to bring you a platform that is both helpful and informative. This site is made possible by the generous efforts of one of our dedicated community members who has graciously covered the costs of domain and hosting. Their commitment to providing a space for knowledge-sharing and engagement is truly commendable.

By hosting this website, our community member has created a valuable resource for all visitors. Here, you can expect to find a wealth of information on a variety of topics, ranging from educational content to insightful articles. Whether you’re seeking practical advice, exploring new ideas, or simply looking for inspiration, we aim to deliver content that caters to your interests and needs.

We believe that access to information should be readily available to everyone, and it’s thanks to the dedication and generosity of our community member that we can provide this platform free of charge. We hope you find this website helpful in your quest for knowledge and that it becomes a go-to destination for you whenever you’re seeking reliable and informative content. Join us in celebrating this community-driven initiative and let’s make the most of this incredible resource together!








Contact Board Members

You can contact any of the board members for specific reason, being architectural changes to general inquiries.

We are also short on members and we encourage you to join if you can spare some time throughout the month.

Need Support?

You can use the contact us, or call either board member(s) or the property management numbers or email posted in the (Contact Us) section.

Check Forum

Forum is temporarily disabled.  We can utilize NextDoor for future discussions.  This also curbs spam and other related items.

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